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Add a dedicated Wildlife section


Well-known member
One area of photography which I think it would be interesting to make 'cross camera' is a dedicated section on wildlife.

I'm not aware such a section exists on GetDPI (in case I have missed something please direct me to it).

It is a popular genre and I would be interested to be able to see great wildlife photography in one place as well as the ability to cross compare cameras/lenses.

Am I alone in this wish, or do others think it would be worthwhile?


Duff photographer

Active member
Hi Loius,

A late reply I'm afraid.

Yes, I wholeheartedly agree, me being a wildlife photographer. For me it would be good to see what others have done, and how they created the image, as well as the opportunity to impart knowledge and experience to those just starting out in wildlife photography or just wish to dabble in it now and then (it's not just about the gear).

Although few, there are dedicated websites to wildlife photography, but I think a section here would not go amiss, considering also the generally high standard of knowledge sharing on this site.



Well-known member
Hadn't seen this before so Duff posting yesterday brought it to the top again.

I'm all for "gear agnostic" threads and forums, more interesting then the gear threads, allthough on GetDPI they are much less frequently used.

I think you can start your own thread in the "The Craft of Photography/Images to Share" section, there's already threads for many other subjects there so adding one for Wildlife would be a great idea!