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Booklaunch Transitions in Spain

Michiel Schierbeek

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My newly launched book Transitions in Spain is available on Amazon!

336 pages with photographs, text and poems.
Languages: Dutch and English.
Photography and Design by Michiel Schierbeek.
Size 28 x 24 cm
Price € 40,-- (only) :)
The only thing I didn't do was the lithography.

Transitions in Spain is a journey through the changing built environment in Spain. An environment that has been changing for many years due to the migration of people to the big cities.
How everything is left behind, the old and modern ruins which remain untouched and only to be removed when something new has to arise on that location.
Never-finished concrete skeletons that, often neatly cleaned, stand in all their nakedness in the waiting room of oblivion. And the gaps in the streets of villages and towns, with bright orange PU foam insulated facades that are waiting for a new purpose, but also the new developments in industry, in the cities and tourist areas where the money is earned and where major projects are being developed.
A country that is changing rapidly, but with an interior where the old Spain still reigns, with landscapes of an admirable raw vastness and where the villages still seem to have been placed in the land in an organic way.

This book is also a tribute to his father Bert Schierbeek, the writer and poet, who has traveled extensively through Spain since 1950 and wrote about that country.
In 1952 a travel book and later in prose and poetry. On these trips he also collaborated several times with well-known photographers and wrote texts for photo books about Spain.
A selection of all these texts have been incorporated into this book and takes us back in time.
As Bert Schierbeek once stated; Life doesn’t consists of one story but of 77 stories at the same time.
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I just searched for your book on Amazon (US) and couldn't find it. As soon as it is available, I'll certainly purchase a copy.



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I think it didn't make crossing the pond yet, but it can be found in NL and UK sites.