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Broncolor led f160


Active member
Has somebody experiences with the new BRONCOLOR LED F160? I need flicker free light
for some slow motion movies and normally use Broncolor flashes for photography. HMI light seems to be too expensive to invest...


Well-known member
Hi Ben

I tested this with a still life photographer a couple of weeks ago, and was very impressed. The output is good (for this application) and we didn't have any issues with flicker (we were using the Phase One Electronic Shutter).

Any local resellers/rental houses that you could loan one from for the day, or perform an on-site test?



Active member
Thanks Al
In the meantime I bought two Broncolor HMI 575 lights and the Led F160.
I use the HMIs for the main light and the LED flexible for adding highlights etc.
It's a great combination.


New member
I read that the Broncolor HMI 575 is a very effective device. Very useful in production photography, as it allows you to see the real lay-out of shadows.


I recently looked at this. It’s a brilliant little light and concept if you want the bron light formers and can shoot at a higher ISO. If your looking a strictly LED lights, check out Hive lighting, but the ARRI Skypanels are hard to beat for consistency, variability and output. I have these on set all the time and they do work well with either tungsten or HMI (or daylight) to match. Their fresnels LED not so much, the output is just disappointing.