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FrameShop Script v1.0.0 for Photoshop CC and CS6

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I have just posted a new version (v1.0.0) of my [free] FrameShop script to my website. FrameShop runs in Photoshop from the File>Scripts menu, and this version is designed for Photoshop CC and CS6. It will not run on CS5 or earlier versions of Photoshop nor will it run on Photoshop Elements.

FrameShop Script v1.0.0 for Photoshop CC and CS6

For those unfamiliar with the script, it provides a means of resizing an image for the Web, with EXIF, copyright/signature, title and caption displayed in a matted and framed style. Several new features and enhancements have been added since the last version including:

Batch mode
• Smart Sharpen and Unsharp Mask sharpening methods
• EXIF tag “Focal Length in 35mm Film”
• Four date formats for “Date taken”
• Default selection of IPTC title, caption and copyright notice fields
• Simplified save options

The most significant of these features and improvements is the addition of batch mode. Many users have requested this feature and it makes framing a group of images very easy. You can select a folder of images that you want the script to frame and, after choosing the settings in the tabbed panels, run the script to process the folder’s images.

Here's an example of what FrameShop can do:

10px black frame with inner shadow, 50px bevel mat, single line EXIF, title, caption and signature

Or for a more simple online forum post:

1px black frame, 1px inner stroke, 25px plain mat, single line EXIF, and signature​

Many of the improvements to this script have come from online forum members. The script is free and I do this for fun. It's my way of giving back to the photographic community that has given me so much. There is no commercial activity involved, period.

As usual, if you have any feedback, comments, suggestions or criticism, please contact me. There's a Contact page on my website and I'll follow this thread.



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Once again looking forward to the new version.

One of my very favorite add-ons to PS.

Thank you so much.