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FS: Arca-Swiss Rm3di plus accesories


Active member
Hi all,

Selling my beloved Area-Swiss Rm3di. Since getting out of MF digital I thought I would still use it for roll film, however that hasn't really happened so it's time to send it on to someone who will use it and appreciate it. I would prefer to sell the following as a kit (for reasons I will explain below), but would entertain parting it out. Included items:

-Rm3di camera, includes rail, Schneider "body cap", handgrip extension, original handgrip, original strap, and cold shoe adaptor. Focusing helicoid and all movements are as smooth and functional as when I acquired it 7-8 years ago. Minor cosmetic blemishes from normal use.
-Rota-mount, Slightly above minor cosmetic blemishes from normal use. If you wiggle the back plate while it is mounted, there is an infinitesimal about of movement, but I wouldn't call it "slop". It just isn't rock solid. The movement does not affect parallelism, it is akin to x/y movements (<.3mm)
-E-module Cloud; Cosmetic blemishes from normal use. Card has profiles for Rodie 23, 32, 40, 90, S/K 43, 60, 120. I don't know if this is normal, but if you shake it the battery inside rattles. Does not affect usage.
-Variofinder mk II; Cosmetic blemishes from normal use, but functions as expected. The masks sometimes slide down their tracks due to the weight of the mask. This has been a problem on all three of the Variofinders that I have used so I think it is endemic to the platform. I have a lot of masks to cover 33x44, 645 (Digital), 6x8 formats.

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that the connection point on the Rm3di body is a round, 3 pin plug instead of the phone-type (RJ-11 I believe?) connection used in later models. Furthermore, when I have a Factum I came to the realization that not all of these plugs are wired the same, and I had to acquire an "alt" version of the body-->e-Module cable from Rod Klukas. It is because of this that I would prefer to keep the body and e-Module together, as they are a working pair as they are.

In light of a recent negative experience on the forum with an Rm3di, I am sensitive to the fact that people may have differing opinions on what is normal/usable/expected/unacceptable with regards to the mechanical movements of technical cameras, so I will try to be as transparent as possible with the condition of the camera for any prospective buyers and can provide any additional pictures or videos required should there be any concerns. I will also do a thorough checkout in the coming days of the movements from end to end so I can describe them as accurately as possible.

Asking $4000 USD for the lot, includes shipping to Canada/CONUS via Canada Post/USPS, insurance, and PayPal fees. Will ship most anywhere else, please just contact me for a quote.