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Fun with 4/3rds cameras/ Image Thread


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It's been almost a month since I posted some pictures here ... in fact, I have been busy with my Phase One gear ...
But yesterday was the second day of the Brussels illumination Festival, called Bright Brussels, and with the number of expected visitors that was not the event to go shoot Medium Format on tripod ... so, Olympus to the rescue :) :) :)

Over the next days, I'll show a selection of shots, 2-3 at a time ... generally, I'm impressed with the IBIS of my E-M1X : most shots came out sharp although my shutter speeds were anywhere between 1/2 second and 6 seconds ... at ISO800, noise starts to be an issue in the darkest areas of the pictures, but nothing really ugly, IMHO ...

Her we go ...

Palais de Justice, in restauration for more than 40 years now

"Brussels Eye" installed in front of the House of Justice, ironically called "Wheel of Fortune" by the locals :)


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I decided to commit further to the Olympus system and I purchased the lowest cost second hand one from MBP here in the UK and am quite delighted with what I received. Looks not far from new, glass is clean with no marks and it focusses fine. The only thing which is not fine is the weather in the UK, so I have had to do most of my testing in the back garden and not in the great wide open.
This is a Jackdaw, OM-1, 300mmf4, f4, 1/1000, iso1000 irrc - as the day was so low contrast I decided to go full black and white for the processing.