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Fun with MF images 2024


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This is something of a dual purpose post. When the Hasselblad X series lenses arrived, there was a unique offering - the XCD 21/4. There was nothing else in the medium format AF world like it. Fast forward to this past year, and the XCD 21 has disappeared (at least from B&H - it is still listed on Hasselblad's website) and the widest offering is the XCD 28P/4. The new lens is much smaller and lighter than the 21, so I've been using it a lot, but how much FoV have I been losing as a result?

This morning's early spring sunrise made for an easy and photogenic test. X2D XCD 28P f/8

And with the XCD 21, also at f/8

Answer: a lot.

Matt (I'm worried about that second big tree from the left in the bottom image. It has been losing limbs and I think it's dead. It will be a heavy blow to that symmetric group of five. )
They are both quite nice!


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Thanks Greg, funny how we always want what we don't have! I have access to some great countryside in the UK and I like to find places that are not so popular but I do lust for the big scenery that you have in the U.S. Having said that I rarely need to travel more than a hour from where I live :cool:

John Leathwick

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Old totara fence posts and a stump on one of the high ridges of Banks Peninsula, NZ. These dense, natural totara forests were felled when European settlers established farms in the late 1800's, with some of the wood used for fencing, but much was simply burned. GFX 100s, F-Universalis and Fujinon EX 105mm at F/8.


Fence posts.jpg

P. Chong

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Meanwhile, last Thursday at the Swiss French border crossing. The Sunday prior, temperatures were 26C, and snow began to fall in the Jura mountains on Monday, and by Thursday, we have winter wonderland in April.

GFX 50S II + GF50.

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Here we are with a couple of old and well worn objects. Terrible product shot (dust, scratches, highlights etc.) but am trying to be realistic so there is a bit of wabi sabi going on. Is this a photo of a watch or of a slide rule? The watch has been with me for decades. The rule used to belong to my father when he flew Constellations between Europe and North America. Long time ago.
IQ4, 138HR, stack of six, tilted and swung, mix of hard and soft lights