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Fun with MF images 2024

P. Chong

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this was the relaxing part of the trip. The mad rush was the week prior during Watches &;Wonders where I wrote 27 Live Reports and with a colleague put out 250 video clips on the new watches released. And yes. I was at Arca Swiss. But they don’t allow visits in the manufacturing floor. I will have some pics of the showroom…soon.

I am following you and your tour through europe . It must be very exhausting .
Besancon , a very nice ancient city , also with the citadelle and ARCASWISS . I have been there three times and loved it .
Have you been to ARCASWISS ? ? ?


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This is something of a dual purpose post. When the Hasselblad X series lenses arrived, there was a unique offering - the XCD 21/4. There was nothing else in the medium format AF world like it. Fast forward to this past year, and the XCD 21 has disappeared (at least from B&H - it is still listed on Hasselblad's website) and the widest offering is the XCD 28P/4. The new lens is much smaller and lighter than the 21, so I've been using it a lot, but how much FoV have I been losing as a result?

This morning's early spring sunrise made for an easy and photogenic test. X2D XCD 28P f/8

And with the XCD 21, also at f/8

Answer: a lot.
That's a very good demonstration of the difference (and, given the choice of those two photographs, I prefer the wider view of the second one). I've very recently bought the 28P to replace the 21/F4 as my go-to "very wide" (my standard is the slightly wide 45P) and am looking forward to seeing how I get along with it. I have no intention of selling the 21mm lens, even if I end up using it only very rarely. It is one of those superb lenses that are just too good to get rid of.

Incidentally, I have noticed that at least one UK dealer (Wex) has recently acquired new stock of the 21mm/F4. It had previously shown as "no longer available" and, soon after, was completely removed. I have no idea what this means in terms of the "discontinuation" of this lens (maybe Hasselblad found a couple of boxes hidden in the corner of the warehouse?) but it seems that talk of its demise has been premature.