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Fun with S1/s1r


2019July25_1010558_The Behr Hare_1500w.jpg2019July25_1010555_Rusty Hummer_1500w.jpg

Both shot handheld with the S1R, Sigma EF adapter, and Canon EF 100-400/L/II.. Kept the lens's IS turned off.. AF was slow but highly accurate.

As I wrote to my fotogbuddies tonite, "...the camera is physically VERY usable, the native 24-105/4 is excellent for walkabout, with adapters there are LOTS of excellent lenses available, resolution and other visual qualities are 5-star, three of my existing EF lenses--the two TS-Es and the 16-35/4/L/IS--are highly usable, and I've bought just one more, the EF 100-400 II.. And I can get ALL that stuff in my rolling case!!!

I love this S1R's qualities and set of compromises.
:) :) :)


Here's one thru the Canon TS-E 50mm Macro

Here's a sample from the S1R, Sigma adapter, and TS-E 50 in a Rogeti frame.. I'm happy!

2019Jul25_1010521_Cortez Park Island_2000w.jpg

Here's a 100% crop of the center section.
2019Jul25_1010521_Cortez Park Island_100% crop.jpg


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After spending some time getting used to what the Panasonic S1R can do, I had a simple play session with it taking snaps in the back yard. Coupled with the camera is the Panasonic 50mm F1.4 S Pro lens.

I used the colour profile "Cinelike V", with some basic edits in PS, cropped to 16x7 ratio.

PS: The lemon shot is a 1/8th crop, which was shot at 1/15th sec handheld. Left me pretty impressed with the IBIS!

View attachment 143326

View attachment 143327

View attachment 143328

View attachment 143329

View attachment 143330

View attachment 143331

scott kirkpatrick

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Leo's adventure

This is Leo. Despite his name and the look he gives you if you disturb his nap, he's not brave. A large dog wandered into our yard and he found himself higher up a tree than he had ever gone before.

P1000790 by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr
P1000789 by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr
P1000792 by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr S1R with SL SC 75

Got him down with a hand on his back so that his claws would hold and he walked right down.


A "real world" comparison of Pentax 645z (with DFA 90 mm f:2.8 ED AW SR) and S1R (with VE SL 24-90 @70 mm)

S1R with HiRes mode 2, 1/80 sec f:5.6 ISO 400, RAW conversion with Capture One 12, and CS6
645z with 1/20 sec f:8 ISO 100,
both on RRS TVC-24L tripod with RRS BH-40 ballhead

the 187 MP S1R shot was downsized bicubic, some smart sharpen. The Pentax RAW was converted with LR6

S!R versus 645z.jpg

original size files here