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GPS tracker for your gear??


Active member
Anybody here uses any GPS tracker for photo gear? I am reading that apple airtags might be a good tool but the catch is, it only works when it's near an iPhone to feed off of. Don't like dealing with "ifs" and "buts"
Are dog/cat trackers any useful? Wish ALL modern gear came with a built-in tracker!


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I think the only thing that will do what you want is a satellite messenger. They are not cheap, and require a subscription.
  • works anywhere in the world
  • Satellite not cell
  • sends a periodic update position
I don't think a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) will work. Some can send updated location when not in "emergency" mode, but not for long and it is pretty limited (they need to reserve 24hrs of power for an emergency). The messenger type is designed to do what you want.

If you think about this though, most times you leave something somewhere, it will be in a populated area. If you are concerned about it being stolen, that will also be roaming around a populated area. If you leave it on the trail you will probably remember where that was. So, the AirTag might work for more situations than you realize. And, much cheaper.