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Hasselblad XV Lens Adapter Questions


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Sad story. One wonders how they could run this endeavour for so long.
I think a lot of people don’t use the cameras that much. When I first got this camera, Hans asked me if I was a professional photographer, collector, or amateur. I told him I was partially a collector but did intend to shoot with the camera, he didn’t really respond to that…

The endeavor is fraud at this point. Key camera said they were waiting on parts apparently the entire time, months. They said there were no parts for the body. Yet, apparently they’ll sell you a new one, or upgrade an old one still!

I bet many bodies are missing things internally. Mine was missing the IR illuminator. Just wasn’t installed. Not a big deal, but also…telling.

Avoid avoid avoid


I'm no longer interested at all in the Rollei/Hy6 system. DW Photo defrauded me, claiming that a camera I sent in for repair worked fine, sending back the unfixed camera (conveniently now past the warranty date). I sent it to Key camera, who broke my 6060 back, and didn't fix my Hy6, after having it for 7+ months. He claimed it the 6060 back was tampered with, the only time it was opened was back in 2021 by DW photo to fix the film rollers being too tight. I'm pretty done with all the different vendors in the Rollei/Hy6 land, Eric Hiss is still pushing people to DW photo even though clearly the company is not functional. The website is down, the owner is retiring and has health issues, the other owner has no interest in running the company.

So I have no working system and no way to repair it, and am out 6000$. If you are interested in buying the broken Hy6 and 6060 back feel free to send me a PM with an offer ;)
ok, sad to hear. For you, and the community of Rollei users.