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How about more and more fun with Canon...


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We drove up the west shore of Cayuga Lake to Taughannock Falls overlook to get some fresh air and sun. I took a few shots from the overlook, but lighting was not good. Canon 5DSR with the Sigma 24-105 Art lens.

Looking down towards the lower viewing platform and directly at the falls. I could see tracks going from the trail viewing platform out on to the ice dome (it is hollow and you are dead if you fall through) and the other kill zone under the cliff at the edge of the plunge pool (A woman was killed there a few years ago when a 50 ton piece of the cliff fell right on top of her. There are several warning signs to stay on the trail and away from dangerous areas, but it seems like there are always a few tourists that think nothing will happen to them.

Looking more to the left (south) side of gorge cliffs towards another outflow frozen on the side of the cliff.

A 3 shot handheld pano.

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I am currently exploring the neighbourhood with a "digital lomography" setup: an EOS 350D + Pentax SMC Takumar 28/3.5.
Not sure if it counts as lomography though, since this combo performs way better than I expected ;-) It's quite fun to walk around with this setup.

The vignette was added in post. I like how the 350D's old CCD sensor renders colours, they beautifully convert to BW. Manual focus with the 350D's tiny viewfinder remains the biggest challenge.


IMG_5591 web.jpg