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How about more and more fun with Canon...

Michiel Schierbeek

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Here in central France, almost all shops have disappeared except for the hairdressers, who continue, because that hair has to be removed. My girlfriend wanted to go to the hairdresser. The handbag was there with not a single person in sight. Shouting didn't help. Bag was open with wallet, cell phone was laying around. No one. A beautiful barbershop, stuck in the 50th. Just leave it that way. I think from now on I will only shoot barbershops.

Etrain sur Nohain, France
Canon 5DSr I Tamron 17-35



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I am currently exploring the neighbourhood with a "digital lomography" setup: an EOS 350D + Pentax SMC Takumar 28/3.5.
Not sure if it counts as lomography though, since this combo performs way better than I expected ;-) It's quite fun to walk around with this setup.

The vignette was added in post. I like how the 350D's old CCD sensor renders colours, they beautifully convert to BW. Manual focus with the 350D's tiny viewfinder remains the biggest challenge.


View attachment 192971
nice picture, but the 350D has a cmos sensor, if i am not mistaken, no DSLR from canon ever had a CCD


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nice picture, but the 350D has a cmos sensor, if i am not mistaken, no DSLR from canon ever had a CCD
True, my mistake! At least another point in the direction of CCD colours are a myth:) Maybe it’s really the pixel size that makes the bigger difference in the end.


Active member
Canon R5 with EF 600mm F4 III plus 2X III extender plus EF to RF adapter. (and a lot of shots before I got it clear enough leaning on a railing)

(This was earlier this year when the planet was at it's closest to Earth, at least on the same side of the sun as we were.)


3A5A6995 a Saturn .jpg