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Medium Format and Coffee


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… but if it can produce a shot per day for 10 years, it's just $0.18 per shot…

how many visits to a shrink or a heart doctor would I get for $0.18?
Hope it lasts longer than a decade, with it's construction only thing needing changes every year will be the o-ring kit.

have had both a shrink and heart doctor. I’m in Canada, so no charge.


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Dark roast. IQ4, 138HR
Although I drink medium roasts, primarily, every now and then I go back to the roots with a nice dark. If you are near Toronto, Dark City coffee is a reliable rldark roaster. Just make sure you order the medium roast. It will be darker than you expect. You know, I think it would be interesting if we added our single favorite supplier to image postings. Mine is Firebat Coffee in Oakville, ON. They only roast coffee from El Salvador (I really like Yemeni and Ethiopian so that is an issue), but they roast well.

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P. Chong

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Nice vintage La Pavoni. My Elektra Micro Casa a Leva is even more patina! But still works great. Enjoy your coffee.