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Medium Format Pets


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Soup taking a proprietary interest in my favorite toy - an 1898 Steinway Model D. That year, Marie Curie discovered Radium and Rudolf Diesel patented the internal combustion engine.
X2D, XCD 135/2.8 at f/4, 1/45 sec, ISO 6400.

An experienced lovely model. I think model knows all of Matt's cameras and lenses, needs very liitle direction.


Subscriber and Workshop Member
I had a faithful Rusty, too, Bill. ❤🐶
Please do not toss me to the wolves, guys, as my Rusty was shot on Polaroid 55, and we all know that format.
I just had to put him here next to Bill's Rusty.

Good Dog!
Has a kind of wet plate feel - except there's too much contrast. :LOL:


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My dynamic duo, Jesse and Joey, photographed with the 907x + 45p.

Joe is a rolly-polly champ. Twice a day, rain or shine, I escort him to the backyard for his sidewalk acrobatics. You see, Joe's not your average kitty; he's a tripod kitty with a flair for surveillance that would make James Bond jealous. That cat could hear a bug sneezing from a mile away.

Then there's Jesse. Oh, Jesse. He's the master of mischief, the ninja of the household. If I let him loose outside, he'd have me chasing him around the neighborhood like a crazy person. So, he's stuck at the storm door, peering out at Joe and me with a mix of curiosity and envy.

The 907x works its magic on auto mode, even through a grime-covered storm door. Jesse's photo was converted to black and white to hide the distracting reflections, then cropped tighter than a pair of skinny jeans. But despite the chaos and the cat-astrophes, these two troublemakers are my babies. And you know exactly what I mean.