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My plans for Combiplan processing


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My plans for Combiplan Dev Tanks 1 by Nokton48, on Flickr

Went to World of Used Photography yesterday, bought these two matching Combiplan Developing Tanks. Up to now I have been developing rotary using JOBO 2500 series, working good for me for really big runs. Wanted something smaller, more like dipn'dunk, daylight lid is a plus. My thought is to load my European size films (six at a time), then drop into dev tanks, cover on. I checked in the store, ran water and the dev tank dosen't leak when inverted. The tank labeled stop bath DOES leak when inverted, so would be good as a small deep tank. On the left front is a rack of 6.5cmx9cm XRAY film, on the right is six sheets of 9x12cm B&W (this rack has all the pieces and is complete). I just won one more Combiplan, complete unbroken, with all the original parts, from Germany. That gives me three tanks and racks to configure in different ways for different processing runs. Any thoughts on Complan use from out there?

My plans for Combiplan Dev Tanks 2 by Nokton48, on Flickr

This is coming from Germany. In the box old stock.