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Phase One kit for sale IQ3 100 Trichromatic with XF Body and extras


New member
Hi All,

XF Body $3700
Excellent condition
Freshly service-checked at P1 Japan
Approximately 30k actuations
Comes in original box
2 batteries

IQ3 100 Trichromatic
Excellent condition
Approximately 30k actuations
Comes in Phase One pelican case
2 batteries
memory cards


Fair condition
120mm Macro MF $100
80mm SK 2.8, not in great shape but works $50

L-bracket $100
Waist-level finder $300 SOLD
Tether cable SOLD
645 - HB lens adapter $100

I'm a professional photographer in San Francisco and this system has been miraculous to use. However, changing client needs, a lot more hand-held shooting, and the closure of Samy's (where I would rent lenses) have made it less viable for my work.

Also, I'm listed as a "new member" here. Been on the forum for a few months and I'm a real person I promise. (my professional website is here). Happy to show the system in person here in the city or elsewhere if we can make travel arrangements. The two lenses I'm considering as freebies... the 80mm is coming to the end of it's useful life and the 120 has a few dust specs but functions properly. Both lenses I purchased well used; (I've always rented Blue Ring lenses on a job-by-job basis).

DSC_9650-Phase One iq3.jpgDSC_9668-Phase One iq3.jpgDSC_9674-Phase One iq3.jpgDSC_9677-Phase One iq3.jpgDSZ_3115-XF etc.jpgDSZ_3107-XF etc.jpgDSZ_3104-XF etc.jpgDSZ_3105-XF etc.jpgDSZ_3100-XF etc.jpg
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