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Printing digital images with traditional methods


Staff member
Our team just released a special, double issue of the ELEMENTS Magazine dedicated to black and white photography. It’s been in the works for many months with intense discussions and planning going back to the early spring. Among other articles, you will find an extensive piece by Jon Cone of Cone Editions Press documenting the process of taking three digital images captured using a 150 megapixel Phase One camera and printing them using traditional methods.

Here is what Steven Friedman wrote in the introduction:

“In today’s world of digital cameras the art of creating a chemical print is lost. Jon and Cathy Cone of Cone Editions Press have developed the spectacular ability to make prints of our digital images using traditional techniques like the great masters of landscape photography. We decided to take three of my digital images captured using a 150 megapixel Phase One camera and have Jon print two of the images using Platinum/Palladium and one print using the Photogravure technique. Jon did a marvellous job documenting and explaining the process of crafting these beautiful prints from choosing the right images, converting them to black and white and then meticulously producing the prints. We thank Janet Dwyer for photographing the prints and sharing her first impression from the viewpoint of an experienced printer. This is a very exciting project and I urge you to explore it. Many thanks to Jon and his staff for their assistance with this project.”

We will be sharing with you more information about this fascinating project in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned. In the meantime, it would be wonderful to hear from those of you who did something similar with your digital images.



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I have been experimenting with creating an LVT negative from my digital captured files as all my black & white prints I have made for many years in my dark room. A beautifully toned silver gelatin print has been a passion of mine for many years. All my black & white images have been shot on film and printed from the camera negative. So far my digital capture images have only been used for color work would like to find the best way to the quality of prints from my darkroom regardless of capture method.