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QD - mount system & Magpul swivel adapter experiences


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Hi guys,
I want to share my experiences with the "security" of the QD system with Magpul QD Swivel Adapter: I've been using it for a good year now, many hours of use on the Kirk LP71 lens base with QD on my Nikkor Z 600 TC and the Nikon Z9. Then yesterday it happened: for no apparent reason, after carrying the camera-lens combination for hours, the connection came loose and the top of the camera crashed into the gravel path I was walking on. Some dirt pushed deep into all sorts of cracks, camera top scratched and two deeper notches in the eyepiece area. Since the Nikon is very sturdy (I didn't really want to know that), everything worked perfectly so far...
QD adapter checked, reinserted, snapped in, pull and shake test: bombproof...
On the several kilometer long way back from the terrain, I first carried the camera-lens combo in my hand and when my arms got longer, I connected the belt with the Magpul QD adapter again, tested it thoroughly, after 2 kilometers of walking the connection came off for no reason again and the camera hit softer grassy ground.
There may have been other photographers with similar experiences: on of the biggest german onlineshops for outdoor/wildlife-photography ("augenblicke-eingefangen") now produces and offers an own series of lens base plates with 2 QD-mounts in each plate, the argue that would be "even more safe" than using only one safe QD-mount.... I thought: safe means safe, but ....
Conclusion: I think I will never ever use the system for my very expensive cameras and lenses, then to be on the safe side I use screw connections again like the Sun Sniper Rotaball Pro system.... or other recommendations?
Best,. Uli
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