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Recommend Photo Lab


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I use to use Costco and Now they are part of Shutterfly
Can you recommend a Professional Color Lab. I live on the East coast. Thanks


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This is pretty old post (more than year) so if you found something, can you please let me know ? I'm on this search as well.
On this forum, i found

Based on other research, Following 3 seem to be the top lab as of January 2024 (that i know or thinking.)

Simply from cost effective purposes, i'm going to stick to Walmart/shutterfly or even to discounted Walgreens print for "study" purposes. Anything memorable, i'll try above options along with my film lab or nearby to Chicago options like or when they open or

For silver gelatin (which are above my budget for now.)

I also found this thread on dp review very helpful:

I hope this helps.