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Size Comparison! Fujifilm GFX100 II v. GFX100S

Bianca Ranciato

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Fujifilm GFX100 II v. GFX100S Size Comparison

At Capture Integration, we have the new GFX100 II on the shelf and one of the most common questions we've gotten from GFX users is surprisingly ( or maybe not so surprisingly) about the difference in the look and feel! Upon the release of the GFX50S II, consumers found looking at it side by side with the GFX100S, it was hardly distinguishable. So putting aside the specification, what will be the difference between the GFX100S to the GFX100 II when get it in my hands?

With the addition of battery grip on the GFX100 II there is an obvious visual difference. However, even without it, you can see the dimensions of the new body are noticeably bigger. The removable EVF at the top gives it a chunkier, more DSLR feel.

The weight of each body with a battery and media card inside is 2 lbs for the GFX100S and 2.27 lbs for the GFX100 II. A difference of 130 grams, or just over a fourth of a pound.

What do you think?



fujifilm gfx 100s
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I just got this Fuji GFX 100 II and new 55mm 1.7 lens today. All I can say is that it is very impressive. It feels better in your hand, the viewfinder is so crisp and bright, the burst rate at 8 FPS is insane for a 100 mp camera system. Auto focus seems very responsive and tracking works much faster than previous version. And the AF button is so easy to find and push in, I always felt like with the GFX100s, did I have it pressed in all the way to track focus in the continuous mode. The electronic level is already assigned to one button, push once for basic level, push twice for advanced 3 D level. I will be doing a lot of testing and demos in Florida over the next few days so I will report back. Great coverage Bianca.
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I believe the LCD is the same one used on the 100s...

Victor B.
Yes, it is. As an interim move I bought the “set” for the GFX 100 and used the LCD protector. The top sub-LCD is much larger than either the original GFX 100 or 100s. I’ll have to wait for the kit that has the one for the top sub-LCD.