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The Leica Picture Thread

Bill Caulfeild-Browne

Well-known member
I recently got an old Telyt 180mm F4.8 lens for a couple of hundred bucks (CDN). It was made by Leitz Canada in 1969 and was designed for use with the Visoflex housing but I am using the Macro-Adapter M instead. I was pleasantly surprised how good it is. It needs to be stopped down to F8 or 11.

The first shot is the full scene, the second is the centre at 100%. Taken with M11-P and processed in C1 using a little sharpening, with some diffraction/purple fringing removal.


LPP00274 1.jpg


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The arithmetic of IQ is apparently as simple as: the more resolving power in a sensor the better the performance of any lens and the better the lens the better the performance for a given sensor....

also nic epics gents ( as usual)


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Cant ignore you! But watching your next move !:)
Who knows, but I'm not sure this was actually shot with a 135mm lens (never mind the EXIF info).
Come to think of it, it might as well have been a Leica Telyt 4.8/280mm visoflex lens.
So no need to get nervous about my presence ... :ROFLMAO: