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Tilt shift lens adapter


I'm thinking about making a tilt shift lens adapter. If any one has exaperiance osf these, do you often use tilt and shift at the same time? Everything I've seen treats it as two separate effects, and it would be much simpler to make a tilt adapter and a separate shift adapter.


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I combine tilt or swing movements with shift movements all the time in the same picture. I even combine tilt, swing and shift sometimes.

Here's an example where I need tilt to get front to back, swing to get left to right, and a bit of rise (up) and shift (to the right) to correct the composition after applying tilt and swing.

The standard tilt-shift adapters are limiting because you can only get tilt and shift or swing and rise/fall, but because of the way they do tilt, it would really be preferable to have tilt and rise/fall, or swing and shift. If you can get two adapters onto the camera, then you can solve this problem by doing the shift movements on one and the tilt/swing movement on the other. I've done this with full frame Sony cameras and medium format Pentax 645 lenses. The Pentax 645 lens flange distance is long enough to allow for two adapters (I used Sony E to Canon EF and then Canon EF to Pentax 645).