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Don Libby
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  • Hi again, Don.

    My Hartblei arrived a few days ago and I've been learning to use it. So far, so good - seems like a very good lens though the present weather hasn't allowed me to get out and and give it a proper trial.

    I do have a question for you. I had thought the Phase DF set to Aperture Priority would select the proper shutter speed for exposure, but mine doesn't. It overexposes by about three stops. As a result, I'm using it strictly with Manual exposure. Does yours do the same?

    Any input appreciated!

    Don, I see you're using the Super Rotator. I've been thinking about getting this lens for some time and I'd appreciate your opinion. Are you happy with it, overall? I'm interested primarily for tilt rather than shift.


    I was kind of taken aback when I saw your sunrise picture. I have an almost identical image of the exact same landscape of Monument Valley. We were staying at the View and one morning before dawn, my wife asked me if I had looked outside. When I went out I was stunned to see the image you captured. I have several images with one almost identical to yours. I have always admired your work so I was quite pleased that I had done the image in 2009. Mine have a interesting "cloud" that makes them very interesting, but my wife told me later it was smoke from a fire in Flagstaff! Oh well, now everyone knows.



    1) When you had your GG and the loupe, was your GG the first patch (w/o fresnel lens) or the later patch of GG that has the fresnel lens?

    2) I know the focusing loupe is from the original sliding back and is only 1.7x. I have used it when I had the studio LF system with Schneider lenses. As you know, Digitar lenses are very dark and the GG on the sliding back was NOT fresnel. So the combination of the two and the 1.7x loupe didn't create a very comfortable device (albeit why I got KaptureGroup sliding back using V-series prism. Therefore, the question is (sorry long winded), did you find it manageable with the current Cambo RS GG with that focusing loupe?


    I just noticed----I'm now classified as a "senior" member.....uh, oh. Too many "senior" moments?

    Don this is Kurt in Agua Dulce, CA.
    Just became a forum member today.
    Looks like you are out shooting every day.
    I see a P65+ in your future.
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