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  • Thank you so much Richard. Actually I have just recieved my Cambo Wrs with the 24 & 35xl Schnieder lenses. I did a fair bit of study on the artec and even came quite close to getting one only to realise that it couldn't take the P1 backs as they were meant for rolei/Hy6, I believe the newer artecs can take al backs but they are way beyond my budget. I shall for now depend on the iPhone viewfinder and live view until cambo comes up with a sliding back. Till now I shot on the canon 5Dm2 with the excellent TSE lenses and I was fairly happy, I know for sure the move to MF is going to slow me down a fair bit but I hope to get back to enjoying the 'process' like I did while shooting on LF and though lesser number of shots i hope to get better quality images. My web address is Harshan Thomson Architectural Photographer and I am based in Chennai,india and shoot across Asia.
    Hi Don,

    Thank you kindly for replying. That's what I had presumed, albeit WHY I wanted to off load my WRS and accept the Sinar arTec bundled offer. The GG there and the loupe works too good to be true. The arTec GG is Minolta Fresenel and the loupe is 3x. so focusing is perfect, although NOT critical focusing.

    Again, many kind thanks for your reply and replies....

    Hi Richard,

    I had a love-hate relationship with the groundglass and focusing hood almost from the start. I originally bought it thinking I'd use it in conjunction with filters with a side benefit of focusing. I found it adequate for filter placement however not so with focusing. I also found the glass rather dark even in the bright southwest skies. The hood also leaked light to the point of making it unusable without first draping a cloth over the edge where the hood and glass attached.

    All in all I feel while it was okay, the major problem I had with it was due to me wearing tri-focals which added more problems. I ended up not using the combination as much as I thought I would thus sold it.

    Just looked at your final question again. I did find the built-in loop in the hood useful once I conquered the leaking light and took my glasses off and just looked at the image. I don't think I really ever tried doing and critical focusing with it however.

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