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  • Hi Marc,
    I have always enjoyed and respected your comments on the form. I have a leica DMR that cannot be fixed. So I am again thinking about a back for my Hasselblad 503cw. Possibly the Cfv50c. My other thought is to buy a Leica S 006 because I like the Leica work flow. I do not photograph for a living, just for enjoyment. Any thoughts would be appreciated when you have time.
    Sincerely Dave Massolo
    Any experience with the Leica M 135mm's?
    Weighing my options, leaning toward the Tele Elmar of the Tele Elmar M.

    Also, I picked up the 90mm Macro-- oh my god this thing is tiny...

    Do I understand correctly from a post in 2008 ( that you have or had a Schneider 28/2.8 Digitar "large format" lens that you used with a MF back? Although it has a small image circle (60mm) I was wondering how it might perform on an old P20 (37x37 mm) back. in theory the circle is large enough for that back but I have never seen any reference to using that lens (on alpa or cambo, etc).


    Hello Marc,
    I'm in the market for used lighting, was leaning last fall, more serious now. I have a note saying that you might have a Ranger Quadra set-up available for sale. If so, I am interested. I am local, so could save trouble to ship. (Could have been last year and past tense, note is vague and so is my memory - if so, pls ignore.)
    Hi Marc,

    A while back you sold a 40 mm CFE lens and CF adapter. I have the same set-up. (The CF adapter is currently in for repair.) May I ask why you chose to sell these items? Did it have anything to do with the image quality vs. the H lenses? I am trying to decide if I should sell. I almost exclusively shoot landscapes. Thank you.


    My initial response was to answer his silly remarks. However, reason prevailed, and I decided not to get into a pissing match with him. You did a very credible job of refuting his points. I started to congratulate him on his jobs at Hasselblad, Schneider, and Rodenstock that gave him such specific inside information.

    Hi Marc,
    I noticed you have been using the Sony A900 camera. I have one and I love the color and HDR. The only issue I have is with the Sony manufacturing of the lenses.
    I have the Zeiss ZA 24-70mm and it has a terrible wobble in it when you zoom.
    Did you encounter this with any of your lenses? Mine I guess I should have sent back and alas, I did not. I am really dissappointed in their quality control.
    I have the 135mm F1.8 Zeiss ZA and it is wonderful. I also use my Leica 100mm Macro-Elmarit with an adapter and it is stunning.
    You also have an H4D? I have one and I have a terrible issue with dust on the sensor, even when it was brand new I had dust on it.
    What technique do you use for cleaning your H4D sensor?
    Many thanks,
    Mike Herring

    Bias, ignorance, hyperbole, idiocy, (you fill in the adjective) is obvious on its face. So the respect we all have for you erodes ever so slightly when you get down in the mud with these people. I feel I know you and obviously respect you. So, I hope you will take the high road in the future and let him rant. I know it's hard since I have to bite my tongue every time they use an entire thread to bash Hasselblad. And most who chime in have never held a Hasselblad in their hand. I want to be an encouragement to you so I hope you accept this in that vein.

    Greg Keeton
    Hello Marc

    Happy birthday to you .
    Although indicated here in the forum , I have not forgotten that day , as I have an own "birthday file" :) .
    I wish you peace , lots of health and satisfaction and as much fun with your LEICA S2 as I have with my ALPA STC .
    As you always used to say . Horses for courses .
    Enjoy the day .
    Best wishes . Jürgen .
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    Now late Tue pm and wondering if I can stop by sometime Wed am for a few seconds to simply pick up the package that I've agreed to mail. Not sure you will get this by then. May call you tonight.
    We've never met, but I've followed your commentary on and now on getdpi and value it highly. I live in Northville, by the way.

    Three questions.

    First, have you decided what you are doing with the 203FE system? I will take the body
    if you decide to break up the system.

    Second, at one time you said that you wouldn't even own a DSLR if it weren't for your wedding business. Still feel that way?

    Third, now that you've sold off your Nikon DSLR system, are you staying with the F6 or going back to an M7 for 35mm film?

    Wow, I'll take it if still available. I'm here in the states, so please let me know. Thanks Dave (D&A)
    Hello Marc,

    I joined GetDPI since your advirtisements for your gear are here and thought it more convenient for you - and after much hounding by Jurgen over the past 6 months.

    I would like to buy your CFi 100mm.

    I have earlier sent another PM to you at about your CFi 100mm and the 203FE. I was asking you to hold the CFi 100mm while I consider seizing the opportunity to get the mint CFi 100 from you since the 203FE is bundled.

    My earlier PM asked your view from your buying experience - hang out for the 203FE in case you later decide to break up the kit; or buy the lens I'm also keen to eventually get?

    Well, I've decided to buy the CFi 100mm - I just think since I have 2 lovely bodies, a 203FE is a luxury that may later be possible since yours is more likely to get sold as a kit; but since I do not have the legendary 100 and I like the angle of view, I would be silly not to "seize the day"! Writing my PM to you earlier really answered my own question! :)

    And right now it's one or the other for me - the CFi 100mm.

    I'll accept your price per your notes in the ad - just let me know what the postage will be.


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