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  • J
    Hi Jack,
    I'm Johannes from Amsterdam and I read a couple of your remarks on the 40/70 mm lens choice discussion. I have the 43 from SK but it produces too much colourcast and has a strong light fall-off for my taste. I hope on some comment from your side about this issues with the 40 HR-W. is the 70 HR-W colourcast free? I would use it on a aptus 10. OR..... would you go for the HR-S series and use part of the chip?
    sorry for this purely technical question. hope you don't mind.

    thanks for your time and patience.

    i thought i had posted/uploaded 3 photos w/ my Canon 5D FS ad.
    apparently i do not know how to upload them.
    can you advise?
    Hi Ken,

    All is well, and I totally understand about selling gear you don't use enough to justify hanging on to -- I got to that point a few years ago, and now never keep anything if it sits unused\.
    HI JACK,
    This is Ken Schallenberg
    Just wanted to let you know that I just have not used the Ranger RX AS that I bought from you very much.
    I decided to put it up for sale. Thought I would give the folks here the first crack at it.
    I truly appreciate the fine piece of equipment, and it worked flawlessy when ever I did play around with it. Just not worth having that much mad money sitting in the closet.
    I hope you are well..and look forward to crossing paths one day.
    Regards, Ken
    Hey Jack - for FS threads what's the rule for thread bumps. 12hrs, once per day, not at all? Would be helpful into to add to the FS Sticky Thread. Thanks. :)
    Hi Jack,
    Hope all is well with you!
    I've been searching and unable to find a post of yours that gave the formula and an example of how to compute the effective focal length of a lens when using full shift within its image circle. Would you mind either pointing me to the post if you remember where it was or resending the formula?
    An example is an 80mm lens with a 110 deg image circle that is shifted left 18mm and right 18mm would give the equivalent coverage of a 53mm lens.
    Thanks for any help you can give.
    Bob Adler
    Jack, I just accidentally made a double post in the Buy/Sell section. I thought my first post didn't go through, but then I realized it needed a moderator approval after I submitted my 2nd post. Please just ignore my 2nd post. It's for the Voigtlander 40mm lens. Thanks.
    Hi Jack, Did I do something wrong with a post awhile back. Seems I can't start a new thread without getting reviewed by a super moderator. I submitted a thread about three days ago and then another one in the for sale section today? Please let me know. Best, Bob Rosinsky
    Hi Jack,

    Sorry for double-posting a new topic in "FS and WTB" section. Please deny one of the listings as they are doubled.

    Hi, Jack,

    as i am using Chinese Character which caused much inconvienent to all viewer, I suggest to rename my Login Id with "Bigeyes", Please approve


    Hello Jack, I wanted to check with you about a possible posting and where and if it is appropriate. I run a not for profit Gallery, Gallery 1855 in Davis, CA, I am showing mostly photography, for instance last year I showed the co-founder of The Blind Photographer's Guild. This May I am showing Oliver Gagliani. A rare show as I am sure you know. Is it appropriate to place that information anywhere on this forum? Every month I have terrific shows, and I really believe that the artists that I am showing deserve as much exposure (all the way to the right on the histogram) as is possible. But it might be a grey area or it might be clearly in specular shadow so what might your take on it be?Joe
    Hi Jack,

    I have a question about uploading photos to a forum thread. I don't understand how to get the images to come up full upload size vs. thumb nail size. I think it has to do with up loading to the gallery then linking them? I would appreciate your insight.
    Thanks. Gary Peachey
    where is that thread where you review all the mam lenses?

    much thanks!
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    jack, could you look at the books instead of cameras thread in the small sensor forum. some guy used it for advertising (the jerk) and tim asked that this thread have a sticky.
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