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12x8 black & white printer in 2024.



I respect the wisdom in this forum and so have decided to ask - for somebody who will print 1-2 images per week, on good quality paper, who wants them to last - what is the printer to go for today? I would never print larger than A3 at home, 12x8 or 10x8 is more likely. If I can find pre cut paper that is.

My Canon 8750 was ok for running out endless 5x7 prints cheap to help me pick keepers, but I’ve printed so many the roller is worn out. I now want to print less but print better - calibrated process, and good black and white without cast.

Budget is up to £1k,



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I couldn't help myself because I don't print yet - but
... i'm already looking forward to your assessment!!!


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find an older epson r3000 and put refillable cartridges in it. Print everything using ABW - you'll get great results.


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For printers able to print a maximum width of 13" (up to A3) and using pigment inks, I think the Canon Pro-300 and Epson P700 are your best choices.

Both printers are capable of making excellent color and B&W (ie without a "color cast") prints. I see prints made from Canon and Epson printers frequently in the print exchanges I coordinate. If you want to explore Quadtone RIP, that software only works with Epson printers.

I've made good prints with Canon and Epson printers for many years. I do most of my B&W printing with Epson printers because I appreciate the functionality of Epson's ABW (Advanced Black and White) in their printer driver. I have also used Quadtone RIP with my Epson printers in the past.

It would be hard to go wrong with either of these printers.



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I've actually been in the weeds for a number of years. Converted a large format Epson to running 8 shades of black matte ink. I use Quadtone RIP to print. I use to create printer profiles for the paper and ink set.

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Yes, I did the same and worked with Roy Harrington on development of the early versions of QTR. Really enjoyed the experience, but later moved on to Imageprint to make life easier when I no longer needed to print as much.


An update to this thread in case anyone arrives from Google.

I bought the Canon Pro 300 and it is exceptional. Truly very impressive prints. I'm using the Canon Pro Image Layout software, Fotospeed papers and ICC profiles, and my prints look mind blowing. The difference to the 8750 is extremely noticeable. I'm very happy.Will update with ink use as I go, but so far 10x A3 prints have used so little ink it's not visible on the charts. Oh, and black and white prints have no colour casts, the are truly black and white.


Another update. I have printed about 20 A3 prints and am starting to see Photo Black and Grey inks going down, not fast at all but moving. £16 per cartridge is fine, not expensive at all. The Canon Pro Layout software is industrial, and works exactly as intended. I cannot explain how wonderful it is after so many years of consumer grade printers to be able to place an image perfectly in the center of a piece of paper. Simple things please me :)

I have ordered £150 of paper, archival boxes, and archival tissue. My back catalogue to date will probably take me 6 months and £1000 in consumables to print. And then when I die... I do wonder why I do this.

I'm hoping to have a photo book printed by that point, so maybe a picture archive will want these images.