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Thanks for allowing participation.
I believe it will be an error to focus on MF only: It could end up compromising the future of the forum.

The forum is also useful for people that are considering MF or people that have never thought about it to discover it, and learn its strengths and limitations (nothing better to produce a bad impression and someone that will speak ill of MF than someone that comes to the platforms with wrong expectations).

I agree that the era when we had a lot of participation on the other forums, in particular, the Nikon one is long gone, but I guess that it could be revamped.
Maybe is general and fewer people are using forums. It could be the social media juggernaut, but people are starting to move from it, and rediscover more humane and collaborative spaces.

Name: It will be a sad day if the name is changed, but I believe that it will be a good decision. The name is unfortunate. It was meaningful for a small percentage of the people when. DSLR cameras had low resolution. (6 mega pixels) and MF was a way to overcome the limitations and all the nerds (me included ) were talking about lowering the dpi vs extrapolation (primitive) and print size. IT was nerdy back then and it basically scapes the experience of most younger photographers.

The change, if done, needs to be done carefully, for example: keep the domain, build a nice landing page, and a redirect link.

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You might get more members by relating the name to the magazines, (Medium Format and Elements) rather than the present name which I never have understood.
I think realigning the forums to reflect the relationship to Medium Format and Elements would be helpful to both the forums and the publications. I came here because of MF, but no longer use MF (just various Leica) but still subscribe to both MF and Elements because I find the content of both those publications great, rarely focusing on the gear, but not ignoring it altogether either.