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Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

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What? 👍😃

Yes! After consulting with higher up, :), apparently it is a good idea to start a new thread for a fresh perspective of Medium Format photography.

So, here it is for those who are of the alternative persuasion... or hybrid preference. An analog images thread in the MF forum! We think it would be a good place to offer film images and experiences for fun, education, historical perspective, and experiences of entirely different gear than what has been the mainstay of the MF forum. Also, comparisons and philisophical musings on the differences between film and digital images would give us all another bite of the apple.

I will be posting soon... after I return home.:)

Who wants to post first?:):):)
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Grand Central Terminal and Chrysler Building
Pentax 67 c.1984

Mt. Auburn Cemetery
Yashicamat TLR c.1983

WWII Veteran - Member of the Ghost Army
Mamiya 7, c.2017 (I was documenting the portrait session, so this is stealing the pro's lighting. The final product was a wet plate, so there were a few 4000Ws Profoto packs in use, as the medium is about ISO 1)



Was out testing the results of the latest CLA on my Rollei about a month or so back figured I'd share. Particulars if we are going to show them on the thread were:

Rollei 2.8F / TMY @ 200 / XTOL 1:1 / V850 scanned (touched up in Adobe)



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Re: Sisters

Hasselblad 500CM + 80/2.8 C + Ilford XP1 400​



Thank you for starting this thread; I sincerely appreciate it!
I had a career in portraiture (plus product and special event - still shoot products for two long term clients), but hesitate to post them and maybe now I might feel up to some.
You might like to know the above image was made in Atlanta on a private property many years ago.
It was for a pediatrician that granted me the lovely assignment of filling her waiting rooms with portraits of children and things children like.
The children above are the pediatrician's daughters.

Nothing fancy done (available light with a tiny burst from a Vivitar 285 for fill), and I brought the hats and the bubble making kits.
Back in those days all I could afford was Hasselblad chrome lenses and they were awfully good workhorses except when the pc syncs would burn out (too often IMO).
The film back was a horizontal 645 which I still use today. Location was near the airport, but I do not remember exactly where it was.

Kind regards,

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Ahhh... simply lovely in every way.:) Only you, Darr, have that certain touch for a truly beautifully crafted image like this. Thank you for sharing the backstory as well. I am sure your client and patients were delighted!

I had you in mind when I started this thread and I am so glad to see you here!

What a lovely image to start a new day.:thumbs:


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Those who frequent the analog forum may have seen my shots there in the last year. I've been shooting a Hasselblad 503cx and digitizing the film with a Sony A7rII. It's been a fun side project to return to film and try medium format, I only ever really shot 35mm in B&W back in the late 90s and went digital after that. It's been fun to give slide film and color negatives a try for a bit, as well as some B&W negative. Here are a couple of recent images, shot on Velvia:

Superman! by Graham Gibson, on Flickr

Light in redwood regional park by Graham Gibson, on Flickr