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Fun with MF images 2024


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Beautiful, John! Would you mind sharing how you lit this shot? Thanks
Thanks! The flower was placed on a light table, so it's lit from below/behind together with natural morning light that came in from the garden doors. Not a very sophisticated setup, to be sure, but it seems to work...



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The further adventures of Wrong Tool for the Job. The good news - a pair of red-tailed hawks are nesting outside my window. The bad news - the sun rises right behind them and all my long glass is old and flareful. So here is a hawk nest at sunrise. X2D, Mamiya 645 300/5.6 ULD @f/8.

You can just see that one of them is unhappy with the observation.



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Last weekend, I took the plunge for the Phase One 28/4.5 AF Aspherical and I'm going through some testing shoots right now ... I could return the lens in the next 2 weeks if I were to be unhappy with the results.
But the first tests seem to give rather fine results, maybe because my IQ140 has a crop sensor, and thus I avoid using the extreme corners ...

Without further ado, here's one of the first shots, and I'm rather pleased with it ...
"Overlooking Genval Lake and Martins Hotel"

Phase One DF - IQ140 - Phase One 28/4.5 AF Aspherical