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Fun with MF images 2024

Greg Haag

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Most of the time sleep does not come easy for me, but one of the benefits is getting to the office early with a cup of coffee and watching the sun come up and the animals come out. This time of year just as the sun comes up there is a shaft of light that hits the small tree across the lake and shortly after that the baby geese begin roaming.

GFX 100S 250mm
The Reserve-1.jpgThe Reserve-2.jpg


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Not much to photograph around here but I do have an upcoming trip to Banff and always like to test my lenses. This was taken with my newly purchased Rody W50mm F4 - a lens I couldn't be happier with - at least so far. Shot at F8 but easily could have been shot at f5.6 but I wanted just a little more DOF. Shifted 18mm LR and about 7mm rise three shots in portrait position. This has a crop factor of about 0.7 and the resulting FOV is just about 35mm on a 33X44 sensor which is about 28mm FF.

Tack sharp edge to edge and corner to corner - absolutely amazing quality. No color cast and no Phocus. Processed completely in Camera Raw using Adobe Color instead of Standard. The vignetting for the two shifted images is easily handled with linear gradients and after that its just a matter of adjusting exposures of the two shifted images to match the center - very easy and fast.

I'm hoping that this lens will handle all of the wide stuff I need for the Lakes around Banff but just in case I'm going to take my Fuji and my 35-70 zoom (my one and only zoom) which amazes me. I'll use that lens if I need a 35mm single shot.

Sorry for the boring image but couldn't resist showing off what the CFV-100 and Rody W50mm F4 lens can do.

Hasselblad CFV-100C, Rody W50mm f4, F8, 7mm rise, 18mm LR, 3 shot portrait position, processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

Victor B.

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These are two images of bungalows in an abandoned holiday village built and used by the fascist Franco regime for workers on the northern Spanish coast, now left to fall apart due to the lack of interest from the locals given the historical significance.
The architectural proposal forms part of an historical modernist architectural movement in the 1950's that incorporated traditional local designs and modernist proposals by renown architects, in the first image you can see a take on the traditional Asturian elevated grain storage barn called a Hórreo.

View attachment 213064

Hasselblad X2D 35-75mm lens at 75mm, f13, ISO100, 1/100th.

View attachment 213065

Hasselblad X2D 35-75mm lens at 70mm, f13, ISO100, 1/80th.

Mostly processed in Phocus, then in Ps.
I love the composition of the first shot and how you told us the historical significance
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Thank you Ed.!
These were quick BW conversions in capture 1. I just reduced the blues to bring out some contrast in the sky.
I need to experiment in Affinity Photo if I can do the conversion without the halo. A well refined mask may also do the job in C1.
Great shots! Was it hard to learn Affinity Photo?
I was at the Shuttleworth air show last weekend. They have an amazing collection, including working (flying) aeroplanes over a century old. Unfortunately, it was a little windy and I did not have the opportunity to see them fly. Perhaps another year...

This was really fun with medium format. I was perhaps the only (serious) photographer trying to shoot aircraft with Medium Format camera, hand-held and without image stabilisation! Phones don't count!

I used a Phase One XF with the IQ4 150 and Mamiya 300 mm lens. I did consider using the SK240 instead, but decided on the longer reach and slightly lower weight. I could not use a low enough shutter speed to blur the propellers properly and keep the image reasonably sharp while panning. The lowest speed I managed was about 1/160s. All images were shot shutter-priority.

View attachment 212993

View attachment 212994

View attachment 212995

View attachment 212996

You had a difficult task — capturing fast moving objects with MF and trying to keep the shot realistic with propellor movement. It’s fun to experiment and learn from the experience and share with us!


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Great shots! Was it hard to learn Affinity Photo?

I hardly ever do anything outside capture one. Since I never really used Photoshop much, there was no real "unlearning" to do. I find Affinity useful for cloning and healing, where the brush in C1 is no precise enough.

There are lots of YouTube videos on using various aspects of Affinity photo. For me, buying Affinity was a no-brainer. I rarely use a pixel editor, so a low one-off payment made sense.