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Fun with the Sigma fp and fp L


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The garden flowers that remain are looking a bit tattered, except for the newly emerged fall crocus. 4 shot stitch from the "hybrid" fpL with Mamiya 645 N 55/2.8 lens in Fotodiox Vertex adapter. My wife re-used a gas company flag for marking buried gas lines to mark the location of her crocus plants. Click for full size image.



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Hard to read, but I think that scribble on the wall says: "grof vuil voor de deur van je eigen huis" ?

Michiel Schierbeek

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Some images of my exhibition for the booklaunch Transitions in Spain
All frames made by me'.

Translation Poem by Bert Schierbeek (my late father)

a man walks towards his horizon
loses the field under his feet
once his goal the dream
of his future his feet
become lighter and lighter almost like
a bird so he flies on
without thinking to be able
to crash though the load of his life
becomes perceptible

to conquer space by becoming
space himself, he thought