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IPhone Photos


New member
How about some pics from IPhones or otherwise. I'll start with an Iphone shot from the doctor's office.

The Iphone is my idea of the ultimate for discrete shooting cuz nobody knows what you are doing,you could be playing a game.


New member
Some ridiculously good images here!

Not sure I have taken any worth putting up but I'll have a look.

Diane B

New member
I'll reiterate Terry--Wow--great pics here. I didn't want an Iphone for a variety of reasons, but love my Touch. Only wish it had the camera--(which, as I've said before, is 'there' under cover as a number have taken them apart but they didn't get it ready before roll out of the Touch in Sept.--too bad).



Active member
Well, you're all doing much better than me. I'm damned if I can get a good clear image with my iPhone... always seems to have some motion blur to it. Very frustrating. I do like the Hipstamatic app, but I wish they could speed it up. It takes forever to take a picture and the process it.



Staff member
Lovely Bob
Are those seals . . . or dogs (or, indeed, sheep?)

all the best
With all that resolution can't you tell?; they are pelicans with the famous iPhone glow.
Unless, that is, if you are referring to those humpy things on the beach, in which case they are either dead pelicans, heaps of dead tilapia, or dried weeds struggling for their lives.