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IPhone Photos


I saw this today


Introducing SwankoLab, a brand new darkroom kit from the makers of Hipstamatic. It’s a loving recreation of the pre-digital era classic. Choose chemicals, process photos, and experiment!​

video link


I've been playing around with the AutoStitch App on the iPhone.
It amazes me how well it works but it's a little sloppy so lately I've been trying out the Hugin software.

These are all 4-21 images stitched together


Don Ellis

A Stitch in Time

Shawn... you realize you may be the world's best at this... those are incredible. A small evil part of me wants to say Get a real camera! but then I realize that making these takes as much thought and care and work as Wallace and Gromit film-making. Well done!

I especially like #5 and #4 from the bottom -- the black-and-white House and Land Sharks. Ok, and the one above it: Train. And the one above that isn't bad... and... :)


New member
Sometimes having any sort of camera is better than nothing at all. But I am continually amazed by the iPhone.

Candle light image


Outside the Alhambra [Taken with iPhone MkI with hazy lens window]