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More and more film fun with something other than a Leica M


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Blue Danube Ceiling Detail by Nokton48, on Flickr

Ceiling Detail "The Blue Danube" Ohio State University campus area. For my wife and I our favorite bohemian hangout, a bar/grill with a lot of history. During dinner, Minolta SRT101 with 21mm F4 MLU lens was set squarely on dinner table, and made a minutes long exposure with cable release straight up into the ceiling. Camera positioned by a total guess. Was fun to do. Eastman XX film processed in Legacy Mic-X. Omega DII with LED head, 80mm F4 Rodagon Arista #2 Ultra RC paper 5x7. Sadly the Dube closed a couple of years ago.


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360mm Tele Xenar 360mm Tele Arton Pecoflex Adapter by Nokton48, on Flickr

So what is new around here? Discovering the qualities and capabilities of the Pecoflex Attachment (for the Auto Makiflex). Firstly, what lenses work good with it? Well the Automatic Diaphragm 360mm F5.5 Makiflex, the full range of the lens can be utilized from infinity to super close-up. Additionally, yesterday I mounted up my favorite (barrel mount) 360mm f5.5 Tele-Arton, ditto it works with equal precision and ease on this camera. The flat board on the Tele-Arton come new from Tracy Storer at Mammoth Camera. Shorter lenses (shorter than 210) will only work in close-up mode, due to the additional extension from the Pecoflex Adapter. Plaubel had the PECOFLEX which works with shorter lens, it has a regular leather bellows glued to the camera front, you use the Peco Junior Front Standard to focus shorter lenses out to infinity. Sneebot has a PECOFLEX I misssed it when it came up on Ebay. So the Makiflex Automatic works good with 210mm Makiflex Automatic Iris lenses from 210mm to 360mm Tele-types. I tried the Auto Iris 270 Maki Auto lens I have, it won't focus to ininfity with the Pecoflex Adapter. But it would work good on the Pecoflex!

You have front swing, front tilt, front rise, and lateral displacement with the Pecoflex Adapter on the Auto Makiflex. So you can do view camera movements hand held, I have done it!


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Abelone Shell Nex 7 30mm Macro Set Shop Homemade Diffusion Frame, White Reflector camera left. Broncolor C70 Monolight Grid Spot, Fill camera left. Sweep Background Tim Layton digital file printed at Sam's Club

Nex 7 30mm Macro Set Shop Diffuser by Nokton48, on Flickr

The tutorials are a little dated, but still relevant for commercial still life photographers. After studying Steve Sint's lessons, I've incorporated a lot of new ideas based on what I've seen. I've built some of the featured items, accumulated some items from the internet, and ordered items from Set Shop directly. Placed an order super quick service and good prices paid as well. They have many more things I'd like to have. But it all happily fits right now in my little studio.

Here I'm using his light modifiers I've built (three of them) and they are perfect-o. Cheap to make and made to last.


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NYC Set Shop Diffusion Frame Rosco Lux 2 Sides Broncolor C200 Studio Setup by Nokton48, on Flickr

Ideas from NYC Set Shoppe shown in my little studio. 20x24 Rosco Tough Lux (from B&H) taped both sides to homemade Set Shop Diffusion Frames, have three of these can be positioned -like anywhere-. Shot some B&W frames from various cameras of this setup, as a sort of test. This digishot is my new Sony Nex 7 with the 16mm F2.8 lens, and the Ultra Wide Converter XD.75. Makes the equivalent of a 16mm F2.8 lens with 35mm, and recticlinear, not fisheye conversion. But they do also make a fisheye converter, too. I'm leaving my 8x10 Norma Reflex Camera set up from above, all the time. Getting ready to use it again. Great for overhead 8x10's. I am going to be getting soon for it, an 8x10 Sinar Norma 210mm F8 Super Angulon from a friend. That will go on this camera, right now it has the 165mm F8 Norma Super Angulon on it.


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Scan-161104-0001 by Nokton48, on Flickr

6.5x9cm Plaubel Makina III with 100mm F4.2 Orthometar, which is Plaubel's sharp commercial lens. Notice the precision framing, I used to do a lot of Architectural Photography for Architects. The precision of viewing acuity especially at the extreme edges, makes it easy. 120 Foma 100 in a Miakina Film Back, and processed in Microdol-X Legacy dev. Scanned on my Epson 4490.


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9x12cm J Lane Dry Plate Makiflex 210 Auto Heliar by Nokton48, on Flickr

Another selective focus. Uber thin depth of field here folks. New to me Auto Iris Makiflex Heliar 210mm from Vienna Shoppe. Uber deep cold conditions, Makiflex liked it. Jason Lane poured 9x12cm glass plate in Makiflex Plate Adapter. Normalfalz type plates hold perfect focus. The film or plate is clamped in place so very solid and flat. Good for using 😄 Plate exposed at EI 1 with cable release. Very sharp in the area I focused on; You can resolve the individual flakes of snow. A good example of why a finder that sees all corners is a good idea. Got some foreground I didn't want, couldn't see it. Oh Well. Could be cropped out. This was shot during during Covid Lockdown expressing isolation. And Deep Cold.


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I was testing my newly-serviced Salyut-S + 90/2.8 Vega-12B with roll of Cinestill 50D. Had lavished most of my attention on the camera body and lens, and except for replacing some foam in the film back, had figured that item could wait until later. Wrong: Light leaks galore (visible as streaks of blue fog which I was partly able to touch up), plus erratic frame spacing. Did a deeper dive this afternoon, discovered more rotted foam, plus a very dry-looking film transport.

Not sure what this type of architecture is called: Mid-century Disney, perhaps?
Salyut-S -  012.jpg

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In our garage, there are many pieces of automotive memorabilia. Many more items are still packed away.

My MG history goes back decades and I have so many memories of those cars over the years. Hanging on our garage wall are “tin” signs that I collected during many mountain tours with the top down anticipating the next stop for antique hunting, brunch, or just a walk with a camera in hand.

MG forever!

Nikon F80 50/1.8G
Eastman 5222-Double X
Ilford DD-X:
MG by F80 5222 DD-X July 2023.jpeg

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How about a flashback to something different?😃

It’s been a very long time since we attended a local Friday Night Cruise Night. We spent years in the Corvette Club and if I remember this image was from the last cruise night we participated in. Using my old favorite Nikon camera shooting slide film with a flash:

Nikon 4004
Kodachrome 64IMG_2463.jpeg