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More and more film fun with something other than a Leica M


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4x5 Sinar Norma Handy 65mm f8 SA Viv365 C Cell Pack by Nokton48, on Flickr

This is my Sinar Norma Handy, built by me from Parts Box Vintage original Norma Helical Mount for 65mm F8 Chrome Super Angulon Compur. Vivitar 365 with C Cell Pack fully operating. The camera is complete ready to shoot, I have three left in this 4x5 Graphmatic. The 365 has the power I need for handheld 4x5 Wide Angle Tripod. I will embellish with XTC Mini Inflatable Softbox soon. I have six loaded 4x5 Graphmatics with HP5+ and TMax400, as a side by side test.


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Two more from my XP2Super roll (with a very low quality development by the lab)

Yeast factory (former, Wijnegem)

Grand Bazar shopping center (Antwerp)

Both Dynax 7 + Minolta 17-35D, XP2Super, lab developed


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My Makiflex Cameras by Nokton48, on Flickr

Here are my four Makiflexes (three Autos and a Standard) ready for use. This morning I was out photographing a new flower arrangement on my back deck. I used the 21cm f4.5 Makiflex Auto iris Heliar, that the rig on the far left. Bokeh at F16 with the Heliar is magnificent. I shot four 9x12cm HP5+ sheets in Voigtlander plate holders. I really like this new camera. It's like an old friend, as comfortable as an old pair of favorite shoes
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I have quite a lot of new exposed film to develop as I have time.


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SONY DSC by Nokton48, on Flickr

Here is Automatic Makiflex #3 with Plaubel 150mm F4.5 Auto Iris Xenar. "Super Bubbapack" new high voltage Power Pack for Vivitar 365, a fairly powerful flash. Plaubel marketed this camera as useable for reportage, the flash sync is 1/15, so not really for flash outside. Interior ambient light should not record, the 365 is automatic out to 75 feet depending. Embellished the Super Bubbapack, adding a Domke Super Gripper Strap, cut the bottom piece off with Japanese fine cutting saw, added some Gaffer Tape to neaten it up. Finally, a rubber pad on bottom of pack, so everything sits down nicely on a flat surface, it's important to be able to set this down without it tipping over! 9x9cm B&W images will be taken on 9x12cm and 4x5" film. Great rig for high fidelity low light reportage.