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New camera from Arca Swiss: the Pico


Well-known member
For sure the Pico like all bellows cameras will be limited with respect to mirrorless and wide lenses. But hey..... that shouldn't stop you from getting one! Just think of all the new unique ways you'll come up with for interior lighting with the CFV-100C and the Pico!! And, of course, it will become your light weight buddy out in the field. ;)

Add to Cart.....(y)

Victor B.
I still want one, it looks like a cool camera!


New member
Rob..... the 50mm Rody is just spectacular! I had the Rody 40mm purchased, packed and ready to ship when I cancelled all because I was paranoid about the CFV-100C banding. In retrospect the 40mm may have been the perfect compromise for me but the 50mm is so outstanding that I have stopped second guessing the purchase. So it goes 35XL, Rody Trio ( 50mm, 90mm, 138mm). As we all know now the banding issue is almost moot because it is so easy to fix.

Victor B.
Hello Victor B.
I am thinking about buying a Pico and a Hasselblad 907X CFV 100c and later working with a Rodenstock lens (start with 40 or 50mm).
The various comments about banding etc. have made me a little insecure and you have also written that these problems can be easily solved with the software - possibly. with a later update from Hasselblad or in the program Phocus.
Does the Trio Pico/Hasselblad/Rodenstock work perfectly and do I not have to worry about difficulties?
Thank you for your help and answer.


Well-known member
I don't own the Pico yet so I can't speak to how it functions. But my M-Two/Hasselblad/Rody/Schneider all play well together. As with any bellows camera its important to make sure that any lens mounted is dialed in a little for parallelism. This is just the how it is with all of the moving parts of a bellows camera. I have found adjusting each lens when mounted very easy to do in the field. I expect that the Pico will be as friendly as my M-Two - for sure it will be lighter.

Don't be concerned with banding as the fix is easy and in reality really shouldn't be much of a concern except for a few images.

Victor B.