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Positive Feedback


Well-known member
Seller : Peter M./Pemihan
Buyer : me, obviously

Gear : P1 645DF, P30+, P1 80/f2.8

excellent communication, excellent price, fine packing, and he trew in some extra batteries FOC !

Do not hesitate to do business with Peter !

C U,


Buyer: Me

Seller: dallard.

Bought a couple of high speed Sony cards from Dave.

Friendly and generous.

Highly recommended! :thumbs:


Buyer: me
Seller: algrove

Olympus EVF, as good as new, shipped promptly, packed very nicely. Now I have a back up evf for my M240.


Subscriber and Workshop Member
Just received my Olympus EVF2 from Cindy Flood.

Perfect shape ... quick shipping.

Thank you Cindy.

Bob Moore


Seller: theis

Item: Mamiya 200/2.8 APO

Comments: I bought this lens from theis and I'm very happy. Shipping was fast, the lens was well packed and as described. It's a pleasure to deal with theis. Highly recommended.


Well-known member
KGarage Excellent Seller. I purchased the Nikon 85mm 1.8 G Lens and was in EXCELLENT +++ Condition and FAST Shipping. Thanks Dennis Would Highly recommend this seller


New member
Re: Positive Feedback for member Pelorus

Member: Pelorus
Item: Mamiya DM33/Leaf Aptus II/7 Digital Back (AUS)
Buyer: me

This was a great deal all the way from Australia to USA.
Pelorus answered all my questions and offered much advise for this purchase.

Thank you very much Mike!



New member
Re: Positive Feedback for member MarkoRepse

Member: MarkoRepse
Item: RZ67II digital back adapter plate
Buyer: me

A great deal from this positive member.

Answered all my questions and concerns.

Thanks Marko!


Re: Positive Feedback for member buggz

Member: buggz
Item: Mamiya DM33/Leaf Aptus II/7 Digital Back (AUS)
Seller: me

Ed was easy to deal with, payment and communication were prompt.

Thanks Ed and looking forward to the next transaction!!



Well-known member
Hey Guys,

I have had a super smooth transaction and an absolutely wonderful contact with Jost von Allmen.

Member name: vonalpen

I have bought his B&W converted and infrared converted Sony A6000 equipment.
Everything has been in the excellent - as described - condition.

Thank you so much Jost,



New member
Re: Positive Feedback - BrettS

Seller: BrettS
Buyer: Me (leonmm)
Lens: 28mm Elmarit ASPH

Brett sold me a like-new Leica 28mm Elmarit ASPH. We spoke on the phone before the transaction and he's very knowledgeable about photography and Leica gear. The lens was securely packaged and arrived as described. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.


Seller: (ME) BrettS
Buyer: Leo a.k.a. Leonmm
Lens: 28mm Elmarit ASPH

Sold a like new condition Leica 28mm Elmarit ASPH to Leo. Super smooth transaction, fast payment, and real nice guy to have a chat with on the phone.

Highly recommended and enjoy the lens!-


Active member
Re: Positive Feedback for ggibson

I bought a Voigtlander APO Lanthar 4/180mm from Graham:
Smooth transaction, lens in perfect condition, highly recommended seller!


Well-known member
I sold my Voigtlander 180/4 to Jost aka vonalpen above. Super smooth transaction from US to Switzerland. Thanks, Jost! Enjoy the lens :cool:


Well-known member
I bought a set of extension tubes from erick.boilieu, excellent communication, quick shipping, well packed.
A very positive experience and I think you can buy from him with confidence.
We struck the deal on saturday and I received the package on wednesday!


Excellent transaction with @fboukari

Schneider Center filter for the Digitar 35 XL. Good communication, fast payment, and a nice thank you note, even though it took some time to get to Sweden due to Covid delays.

Thanks !


New member
Thumbs-up for @xthunder ; great communication, quick shipping, carefully packing, and only positive words to say about the purchase. So now a Leica S006 has got a new home, on the other side of the Atlantic (and continental US as well). Thanks again!